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Anne Graham

When big bands were at their height of popularity, the entire extravaganza required of this outfit included both a male and feminine vocalist, sometimes a complete vocal group. The producing job opportunities designed that virtually any professional vocalist who could deal with anything carefully resembling jazz phrasing, plus some that couldn’t, discovered use name big rings. Which is definitely where listeners run into Anne Graham, among several female performers employed by that roughest of taskmasters, clarinetist Benny Goodman. There have been plenty of of such performers that a an archive label experienced the name Benny’s Ladies: Goodman’s Rare Songbirds was statistically valid for any compilation. Rare, yes, because they are not the best music group vocalists that followers generally have heard about, although in fairness to Anne Graham it must be said she actually is forget about obscure than the performers that preceded or adopted her, a list which includes both Dottie Reid and Nancy Reed, Liza Morrow and Jane Harvey, Louise Tobin and Eve Adolescent. While Goodman produced many needs on his performers, sometimes tormenting them with important adjustments, at least he didn’t demand they produce stage-names where the initials matched up, a gimmick in additional big bands between your ’30s as well as the ’50s. This Anne Graham shouldn’t be puzzled with the gospel performers using the same name.

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