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The off-the-wall cartoon series Animaniacs was made by Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment, making its broadcast debut in the Fox network on Sept 13, 1993. Describing the comic exploits from the anthropomorphic Warner siblings — brothers Yakko and Wakko and their sister Dot — the series was popular with viewers and critics as well, earning the renowned George Foster Peabody Award. An essential component of Animaniacs’ achievement was its music, authored mainly by supervising composer Richard Rock — the champion of two Day time Emmy Honours for Accomplishment in Music Path and Composition furthermore to Original Tune, the present was scored by way of a 30-piece orchestra on a single Warner Bros. studio room audio stage which housed the famous WB music movie director Carl Stalling years earlier. This program also released some soundtrack LPs, included in this 1994’s Animaniacs: Tunes from the Strike Television Series, Yakko’s Globe, 1995’s A Xmas Plotz and 1997’s Hip-Hopera Xmas.

Quick Facts

Full Name Animaniacs
Awards Peabody Award, Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Children's Animated Program, Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Music Direction And Composition, Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Achievement In Animation
Music Songs Wakko's Two Note Song, Yakko's Universe, Variety Speak, The Anvil Song, All the Words in the English Language, Part 2, The Goodbye Song, Let the Anvils Ring, Wakko's America, Slappy Squirrel Theme, I'm Mad, All the Words in the English Language, Part 1, Animaniacs, At the Big Wrap Party Tonight, All the Words in the English Language, Part 3, I'm Cute, The Planets, What Are We?, The Etiquette Song, Be Careful What You Eat, Dot's Quiet Time, The Senses, I Am the Very Model of a Cartoon Individual, Yes, Brothers Warner We, Pinky & The Brain, The Presidents, Video Revue, Cheese Roll Call, Dot's Song, The Monkey Song, Multiplication, Schnitzelbank, Yakko's World
Albums Variety Pack, Steven Spielberg Presents Animaniacs, Animaniacs Wacky Universe, The Animaniacs Go Hollywood
Nominations Kids' Choice Award for Favorite Cartoon, Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Writing in An Animated Program, TCA Award for Outstanding Achievement in Youth Programming

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