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Andwella’s Dream


Andwellas Wish released one record, Like and Poetry, on CBS in the united kingdom in the late 1960s that’s respectable by some psychedelic enthusiasts. It really is an eclectic but unmemorable affair that details upon several approaches–heavy intensifying rock-tinged psychedelia with keyboards, fruity pop-psych with strings and fairytale-type lyrics, folk- and blues-informed materials bridging psych and prog–common to United kingdom rock of the time. The group transformed their name to Andwella and eventually released several albums under that name.

Quick Facts

Full Name Andwella
Music Songs Hold on to Your Mind, People's People, Midday Sun, Michael Fitzhenry, World's End, The Days Grew Longer for Love, Every Little Minute, Shadow of the Night, High on a Mountain, Man Without a Name, Lost a Number Found a King, Take My Road, Behind the Painted Screen, Clockwork Man, Lady Love, She Taught Me to Love, Four Days in September, Mississippi Water, I'm Just Happy to See You Get Her, All for You, I've Got My Own, World's End, Part II, Reason for Living, I Got a Woman, Just How Long, Saint Bartholomew, Back on the Road, The World of Angelique, Shades of Grey, World's End, Part I, Back to the Road, Cocaine
Albums Love and Poetry, People’s People, World's End, World's End / People's People

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