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Andres Alén

The most common insipid international politics have figured greatly in to the career of pianist, composer, teacher, and musicologist Andres Alén. He discovered piano from his dad, Osvaldo Alén, himself a performer and trainer in NEW YORK between 1955 and 1961. At that time, Osvaldo Alén relocated his family back again to Cuba as well as the dreaded concern with Communism began clouding the picture. The talented child published his 1st composition for single piano as an adolescent, but was totally refused usage of the American marketplace. His career after that followed an excellent if predictable design for the period, his options set using the rigidity of sugarcane because of the politics situation. During Alén’s many years of research, Cuban traditional performers who exhibited guarantee had the choice to be underwritten from the previous Soviet Union’s social moneybelt. Ultimately, the pianist received a scholarship or grant for the P.We. Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow — the ensuing heady nosh from the Russian traditional college became another facet of this artist’s amazing combination of musical affects. Currently present was a appreciate of the different Latin music picture he previously been subjected to in NEW YORK along with the stunning quilt of Cuban well-known music affects that his dad had supplied, keeping Alén’s musical feet from ever obtaining cold. It really is no question, then, that artist’s career provides included a normal charanga ensemble, Xmas music, Latin jazz, choral music, and modern traditional solo piano, along with the keyboard bits of Chopin and Liszt — never to omit a significant participation in nueva trova, a socially relevant Cuban motion from the ’80s inspired by folk and well-known music. Alén’s executing career essentially started when he came back to Cuba in the U.S.S.R. in 1976. He performed being a piano soloist with several main orchestras and proved helpful wherever he was permitted to based on how politics dominoes had been tumbling. Besides touring within the Soviet Union and Czechoslovakia, he also performed in India, Germany, and Poland. Within the ’80s he improved his prominence in his indigenous nation as both a composer and instructor, and by the finish of the 10 years had joined causes with the famous Cuban trumpet participant Arturo Sandoval as both keyboardist and arranger. Alén performed having a contemporary group known as Perspectiva for four years from 1991. He was nominated for any Latin Grammy in 2001, greater than a slight sign from the switch for music artists from his history because the fall from the U.S.S.R. Alén offers subsequently begun carrying out prominently in america; one of the honors is a going to professorship at Stanford University or college in Palo Alto, CA.

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