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Amory Kane

Formed in Britain in 1967 to showcase the talents of aspiring singer-songwriter Amory Kane (b. 1947, SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA, California, USA). Singer-songwriter Kane relocated to Britain in 1967, having previously toured European countries. He previously failed an audition with Family members Dogg, not really through inabiility, but because maker Steve Rowland experienced he should carve a single career. Unfortunately, this program by no means reached the levels his introspective, however lyrically strong, materials deserved. His MCA debut Remembrances OF YOUR TIME Unwound (1968) as well as the CBS Information follow-up MERELY TO Become There (1970) discovered few takers apart from interested critics. Tim Hollier (acoustic guitar), Rick Cuff (acoustic guitar), Dave Pegg (bass) and Ned Balen (drums) had been a number of the music artists who used Amory Kane in the studio room and in concert.

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