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Amira Saqati

A side project from the Moroccan dub/trance/trad group Aisha Kandisha’s Jarring Effects, featuring 4 members from the music group, who are augmented by many “Agdal-Garden All Celebrities” on the 1995 release, Agdal Reptiles on Majoun. They create interesting amalgams of traditional Moroccan noises with New Order-type sampling, Bronxish rap beats, and blasts of synthesizers along with other sound files. Synthesizers and samplers sit down alongside violins, mandolin, flute, rai-type vocals, plus some digital rhythms. It isn’t as effective as Aisha Kandisha’s greatest works–the beats specifically can sound an excessive amount of like hackneyed Traditional western dance music. It’s interesting stuff, though, acquiring constant unstable musical turns.

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