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American Flyer was a ’70s folk-rock quartet comprised of previous members of various other groups: Craig Fuller was from Pure Prairie Group, Eric Kaz have been an associate of Blues Magoos, Steve Katz is at Blood, Perspiration & Tears, and Doug Yule had played within the Velvet Underground. Jointly they charted with two albums on United Performers in the middle-’70s.

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Music Songs Lady Blue Eyes, The Woman in Your Heart, Such a Beautiful Feeling, Back in '57, Dear Carmen, End of a Love Song, Queen of All My Days, My Love Comes Alive, Spirit of a Woman, Keep on Tryin', Light of Your Love, I'm Blowin' Away, Let Me Down Easy, Call Me, Tell Me, Gamblin' Man, The Good Years, Flyer, Victoria, Love Has No Pride, Drive Away, M, America the Beautiful
Albums Spirit of a Woman, American Flyer, American Flyer & Spirit of a Woman

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