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American Dogis a three-piece, hard rock-band from Columbus, OH, led by lead singer/bassist Michael Hannon, who had previously used ’80s metallic outfits Salty Doggie and Dangerous Playthings. Having developed on functions like Ted Nugent, Dark Sabbath, and AC/DC, Hannon became a member of causes with guitarist Steve Threado and drummer Keith Pickens, who was simply drumming for any rival music group. Last of the Dying Breed premiered in Apr 2000 and discovered favor with followers who had discovered radio and video stores without harder-edged, straight-ahead rock and roll & roll. This is accompanied by the live studio room EP, Six-Pack, with all half-dozen slashes dealing with taking in. By 2002, the hard-rocking trio was readying another release, Red, White colored, Dark and Blue.

Quick Facts

Full Name Native American Indian Dog
Music Songs Just Like Charlie Sheen, Devil Dog, Drank Too Much, Shitkicker, Merry Christmas Asshole, No Pity, Poison Smile, Dog's Life, Rock-n-Roll Dog, This Ain't the Summer of Love, Too Damn Sober, Workin' man, Old Dog, New Tricks, Dirty Fun, Little Short, Magnificent Bastard, Sometimes You Eat the Pussy, Long Time Comin', She Had It Comin', Please Don't Touch, Barely Half Alive, Beaten, Broken, Etc., Who's She Killing, Another lost week-end, Spell on Me, Drinkin' About You, Just One More, I Keep Drinkin', Take Your Whiskey Home, Can't Throw Stones, Can't Stop the Rain, Out of the sun
Albums Poison Smile, Scars-n-Bars, Red White Black and Blue, Hard on the Road, If You Want Bud, Six-Pack: Songs About Drinkin' & Fuckin', Foamin' at the Mouth Live, Last of a Dying Breed, Neanderthal, MEAN, Merry Christmas Asshole, Hard, Six Packs, This Ain't the Summer of Love, Six-Pack: Songs About Drinkin' and Fuckin'

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