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Ambient Temple of Imagination


Component ambient-trance group, component holistic listening-music healers, Ambient Temple of Creativity was formed in 1992 by Richard Sunlight and Seofon in SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA, originally being a chill-out area for raves around the region. Because the ambient-house design inserted dance music all together during the following few years, Sunlight continued gaining ambient evenings and offering alternatives to dance. The duo also started documenting, and released two albums for San Francisco’s Silent Information, Mystery College and Sonic Acupuncture. Documented live in a rave in 1997, Planetary Home Nation premiered the following Sept.

Quick Facts

Music Songs Mystery School, The Philosophy of Ergot, Sonic Acupuncture, Magikal Child, Liberation Nation, Thee Fall, In Finite Self, Pure Thelema, Telesterion S.F., Olympiads of Thelema, Dionysus Aphrodite Apollo, Star Flesh of Nuit, The Invocation, The Age of Maat, Mead of Initiation, Progress 2013, Sirius Dog-Ma, Iao Kore Ritual 'a Feast of Fire', Xibalba Be, Phoenix Sun Devils, Plan E.T. Airy House Nation, Light In Extension, Black/White - Rainbow/Clear, EARTHQuake - WATER, Arma Get On, Beltane 93, Pluto in Sag., Flash Back, To Mega Therions Sumerian Psychosis, Space Program / Galactic Initiation, Nature of Desire, Thee All Importance of Imagination
Albums Planetary House Nation, Mystery School, Sonic Acupuncture, Y2Kaos: ATOI Mystery School, Volumes 1-5

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