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Amanda Garrigues

Guitarist, songwriter, and vocalist Amanda Garrigues was created in sunny Gainesville, FL. Her dad, also a guitarist, launched her to music when she was a little kid, by playing catchy music on her behalf to sing alongside. She soon discovered a larger target audience at the family members chapel, where she sang hymns within the choir. Garrigues didn’t enroll in a real music group until she was going to college in the University or college of Florida. There, like a vocalist, she became a member of a folk group known as the Big Shoals System. Her next thing within the music globe came touring using the Lynda Stipe music group, Hetch-Hetchy. That stint didn’t last lengthy, and quickly Garrigues was on her behalf own once again, and taking actions to start out a solo profession. In past due 1998, Garrigues noticed the discharge of her debut EP, Soul Take action. “Fiddler and girls,” “Your Nation,” and her strike solitary “Misunderstood” are a number of the songs on this 1st recording. The majority of her music are a effective mixture of folk with pop and rock and roll. The EP was adopted in 2000 by way of a nine-track recording, Groundswell, released beneath the Typical Sinner Information label. Among writing new tunes and documenting, Garrigues spends a whole lot of days managing the business part of the music profession and planing a trip to another gig and countless evenings performing what she will best, carrying out. Her solid vocal ability offers earned her evaluations to gifted feminine performers like Sheryl Crow and Natalie Vendor.

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