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Alvaiade is among the most important titles in the annals from the Portela samba college. His high-quality creation is displayed well by sambas like “Marinheiro de Primeira Viagem,” “Banco perform Réu,” and “Embrulho Que European union Carrego” (all with Djalma Mafra), aswell as “Briga de Amor,” “European union Não Sou Marinheiro,” “Chega,” “A Saudade Me Devora,” “Pensando No Futuro,” “O Que Vier European union Traço,” and “Concurso em fun??o de Enfarte.” Jorge Veiga and Elizeth Cardoso are a number of the performers who have documented his compositions. “Vida de Fidalga” (with Chico Santana) was contained in Portela Passado de Glória (1970) among the most representative compositions from the esteemed samba college. In 1928, he was asked by Paulo da Portela to become listed on Portela. Still not really a composer, he became an accompanist over the cavaquinho (he also performed several percussion equipment). His initial samba was “O Que Vier European union Traço” (with Zé Maria), documented by Elizeth Cardoso. Around 1934, Portela paraded to 1 of his sambas for the very first time. Alvaiade was a close collaborator with Paulo da Portela, substituting for da Portela in his absences (specifically on the days when da Portela journeyed to São Paulo to execute with Cartola and Heitor dos Prazeres). Alvaiade was also chefe de conjunto (group planner) for nearly 20 years, dealing with similar responsibilities as the diretor de harmonia (the individual responsible for the main creative responsibilities within a samba college), and was the launcher of composers Valter Rosa, Chico Santana, Manacéia, Candeia, yet others.

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