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Alpha to Omega

In 1970, near Zurich, 20 teenagers founded the chorus les Amis. The chorus sung gospels and quickly became quite effective, garnering a pursuing via its many live shows throughout Switzerland. A number of the associates of les Amis grew sick and tired of the chorus and started focusing on a task of their very own: a intensifying rock-band, Alpha to Omega. The music group contains Fredy Baumann, Fritz Beerstecher, Priska Weidmann, and Erica Laederach on vocals; Pierre Laederach (piano); JC Laederach (flute, vocals); Peter Ohno (electric guitar, vocals); Werner Homberger (electric guitar); Jurg Gallo (bass); and dual drummers Renaud Suter and Rene Liniger. Alpha to Omega documented and performed over another five years, using a chorus that grew sometimes to add over 100 associates. Focus on the band’s debut record, the concept rock and roll opera A Lifestyle, gradually appropriated a lot of its period and shows became rare, leading to one after another of Alpha to Omega’s associates to leave the music group. When documenting was finally comprehensive, the band have been whittled right down to only 1 member: Fredy Baumann. He made a decision to spend all his cash on the pressing of 600 information, among which discovered its way towards the just Swiss radio train station in existence at that time, Radio Beromunster. Since it therefore happened, at the same period, the Swiss authorities experienced sponsored and released a rock and roll opera of its, and A Existence was not just favorably in comparison to that task, but was rather declared much better from the train station. Within times, Radio Beromunster received hand bags full of lover letters regarding Alpha to Omega, and the tiny pressing of information sold out in only days. More information weren’t pressed because of an unusual occurrence. A realtor of Kitty Stevens had noticed the airplay becoming directed at A Existence. Impressed and intrigued from the tale and music, he attemptedto buy the whole rights towards the tale from the music group. The music group was unwilling to market, so the terms and music had been slightly transformed, and, half a year afterwards, the “Alpha to Omega” task premiered in Britain “by” Kitty Stevens, with extra help and performances from Elton John and various other notable recording performers. An identical “Alpha to Omega” task premiered in Australia. Dark Rills Information officially reissued A Lifestyle in 1997. Lots of the previous associates of Alpha to Omega re-formed in 1997 and started playing as Mu, documenting new music in a method similar with their previous outfit.

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