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There are many opinions regarding the identity from the Alex Morgan who’s credited for reading texts in the merely titled 2004 CD Be by Swedish progressive rock combo Pain of Salvation. This appears to be the case relating to anything regarding this recording, specifically with regards to its aesthetic worth. Whoever Morgan is certainly, he reaches play God — actually. He is one of the performers, male and feminine, who recite text messages that are offered as communications communicated straight from on high. Some kind of cosmic music would obviously be asked to accompany such readings, music that some critics possess attracted and quartered while some deliver praise buzzing back to the heavens. Morgan’s participation in a function that is referred to as both a masterpiece and “the reason why progressive rock and roll sucks” may just be considered a veiled mention of Jack Grisham, the initial vocalist with California grindcore music group T.S.O.L. Grisham, in the end, utilized Alex Morgan as the 1st in some aliases on T.S.O.L. produces. Just like he supposedly used these names in order to avoid legal complications, a performer playing the component of God on the Discomfort of Salvation task might also become tempted to presume an alias to be able to dodge bad opinions — although regarding divine retribution it could be assumed such chicanery could have minimal protecting worth. This theory of the research or “in joke” relating to the name Alex Morgan is definitely countered by the idea that sometime during his bet for governor of California in 2004, Grisham hopped to Sweden to lay out these vocal songs himself. You will find prog rock professionals who usually do not accept this notion, nevertheless — arguing that regarding an assignment needing a performer to do something as God, Grisham would definitely want to consider credit under his very own name. To greatly help negotiate this question, some “blindfold lab tests” were executed relating to the Morgan parts of End up being. These tests had been carefully supervised by previous editors of Down Defeat, the newspaper that invented this technique. The results really visited the center of Grisham’s whole off-and-on profession with T.S.O.L., once again a matter of controversy. Listeners who reviled Grisham under any name possess generally attested that he merely does not have the vocal chops for hardcore, i.e., “sings such as a gal.” Actually, a number of the blindfolded individuals identified the feminine visitors who also play God for the Discomfort of Salvation as Grisham, provoking further dilemma. Finally, the observed lab helper Igor was earned to carry out his own group of tests, an unfortunate project that may possess led to the finish of an extended and productive romantic relationship between mad doctor and odd helper. 10 minutes after starting his preliminary audit of End up being, Igor slipped out by the trunk from the moat after departing the following notice: “Of all torture I’ve had to withstand in my unfortunate, twisted life, nothing at all comes even close to this! I quit.”

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