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Albrecht Mayer

Albrecht Mayer could be primary oboist for the prestigious Berlin Philharmonic, but he’s also an extremely dynamic soloist and recitalist not merely within the oboe, but also on its family members, the British horn as well as the oboe d’amore. His 1st position was using the Bamberg Symphony, in his hometown, which he became a member of in 1990 prior to going to Berlin in 1992. He offers performed a lot of the prevailing repertoire for his tools — whether it is concerto, chamber music, or presented solo within an orchestral or vocal function — but he’s always researching to expand what’s available. This consists of newly created compositions and collaborations, such as for example with percussionist Martin Grubinger on Grubinger’s Drums ‘n’ Chant. In addition, it means transcribing and organizing music originally for additional instruments, or regularly, for tone of voice, which Mayer frequently will himself. He offers arranged and caused other arrangers within the music of Bach, Handel, Vivaldi, Debussy, Ravel, Fauré, and even more. His recordings have obtained several awards in European countries. Oboists of his caliber are uncommon, and along with his lush firmness, clean control, and interesting expression you can understand why he’s a very much sought-after musician.

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