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Albert Von Tilzer

One of the brothers who also all abandoned the surname Gumm and only the classier sounding Von Tilzer, Albert followed carefully — and creatively — in his older sibling Harry’s footsteps. After employed in Chicago in a music posting establishment that was a local store for the company of Shapiro, Bernstein and Von Tilzer, Albert produced the inevitable re-locate east and in 1904 began up the York Music Organization on Western 28th Road in NEW YORK. The track that put the corporation around the map was “Teasin’,” the merchandise of Albert’s cooperation with Cecil Mack. He appears to have experienced no problems whatsoever in turning out tunes which were to be popular. “Honey Boy” was made up in 1907, with just a little help from a practiced ham by the name of Jack port Norworth, who was simply wedded to vocalist and composer Nora Bayes. In 1908, Von Tilzer and Norworth presented “Smarty” as well as the popular “Consider Me Out to the PASTIME.” (Story offers it that at that time, Von Tilzer experienced no firsthand encounter with football and didn’t bypass to really witnessing a casino game until about 1928.) Various other memorable music emanating out of this unusual fellow had been “Place Your Hands Around Me Honey” released in 1910; “Oh, How She Could Yacki Hacki Wicki Wacki Woo” that was produced well-known by both Eddie Cantor (in 1917) and by the vaudeville duo Truck & Schenck. Albert Von Tilzer can be appreciated for emitting “Oh, By Jingo!” a knuckleheaded novelty amount the fact that record-buying open public of 1919 appears to have discovered particularly irresistible. As though to inaugurate the brand new 10 years with another impossibly effective hit, Albert released “I’M GOING TO BE together with you in Apple Blossom Period” in 1920, and the moderately effective “Dapper Dan” in 1921. (Possibly the exclusive surviving remnant of the song’s cultural relevance is really a quip about pork chops from Al Lewis and Man Wood’s markedly absurd tune of 1950, “Cincinnati Dance Pig”) After 1922, Albert Von Tilzer bailed from the music posting business, became a huge name in the vaudeville circuit, retreated to Hollywood in 1930 for the profession in film music, and perished in LA in the first of Oct, 1956.

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