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Albert Cabrera

Better referred to as one half from the Latin Rascals, Albert Cabrera, along with partner Tony Moran, helped create the mid-’80s, edit large genre of dance music referred to as freestyle. Functioning as DJs in the first ’80s, the duo understood that following the disco backlash dance music wasn’t typically the most popular of styles. Still, these were employed in the U.S. capital of membership culture, NY, and after very much hustling these were able to rating a high account gig as combine experts on WKTU’s well-known “lunchtime mix” program. It had been there that they unleashed their bedroom edits, music by serves like Bruce Springsteen as well as the Rolling Rocks that were re-mixed and lengthened. Cabrera and Moran had been after that tapped by Fever information to create the Cover Young ladies as well as the causing single, “Present Me,” became a membership hit. For another couple of years the duo acquired a good small work, releasing their very own dance singles, aswell as re-mixing many a favorite rap, rock and roll, and R&B action. Their achievement was based generally on re-tooling various other artists’ strikes, though, and finally the public’s curiosity about this format reduced as well as the duo parted methods.

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