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Alan Escher

I am Alan Escher. I am a crazy scholar who just occurs to truly have a fetish for commercial, dance, and synth-pop music. There is actually nothing interesting to state about me…um…um… I’m…a fairly depressed person I assume. I scuff on every single day looking for this is to my lifestyle and the lifestyle of most others. I am dropped in a lot of ways. Just through artistic manifestation can we desire to accomplish anything . Whether it is art, journalism, composing a publication, building issues, or music…it’s the only true method…the just true way….or could it be? OH MY GOD, IM STUCK ON THE DESERT Isle!!! Well at least I’ve… Korn (1st recording) Duran Duran Rio Nine Inch Fingernails Downward Spiral Trust FORGET ABOUT Angel Dust Skinny Puppy Vivisectivi Ministry Property of Rape and Honey, Brain is an awful Thing to Flavor Front 242 Front side by Front side Depeche Setting Music for the People Slayer Divine Treatment+ Massive Assault Blue Lines KMFDM Angst, Nihil, Xtort Pig Compliment the Lard, The Swining, Sinsation, Wrecked, (fresh recording whenever that comes out)

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