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Al Katz

b. Al Katzenberger. Most regularly appearing beneath the name Al Katz And His Kittens, Katz led dance rings had been among the Midwest of America’s most prolific performers through the middle-20s onwards. His sidemen included a versatile pool of music artists with George Shechtman, Joe Magliatti, Fred Rollinson, Lewis Tale, Jerry Bump, Eddie Kooden, Ray Kleemeyer, Joe Bishop, Greg Dark brown and Jess Stacy among his most regular companions. They documented for Gennett, Victor Information and Columbia Information, with their displays booked with the MCA company. A number of these bookings, it afterwards transpired, had been contracted with no agency understanding that Katz led the orchestra, such was the profligacy of brands he utilized. The Kittens also performed rare schedules along the east coastline and in NY, where the majority of their recording periods were conducted.

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