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Al “Jazzbeaux” Collins

Al “Jazzbeaux” Collins makes an excellent impression along with his goony beatnik laughter, but additionally had a far more serious part like a faithful friend of jazz because the early ’50s. Believe it or not an expert than Rudy Vehicle Gelder, who appears to have documented half the fantastic jazz albums available, offers fondly recalled the Collins broadcasts out of this period on NY City’s WNEW, and not simply because he loved the texture from the Collins vocal palette. In fact, the disk jockey was this type of hipster that he greatly promoted a few of Vehicle Gelder’s amazing fledgling efforts within the indie record business, including edges offering the Joe Mooney body organ trio. Collins offers written liner records for jazz produces, a sideline hobby of virtually any disk jockey or critic within the genre, no matter controversy concerning feasible bias. He’s among a select band of disk spinners that has added artistically to recordings, especially like a narrator for trumpeter Charlie Shavers. Better known, nevertheless, is the idea of “hip fairy stories,” or the recasting of familiar freeloading bears, starving wolves, numerous elfin beings, creepy witches, and sleeping princesses in beatnik garb. Collins, the amusing Slim Gaillard, and comedian and tv sponsor Steve Allen used this enjoyable idea in a variety of collaborations, related in firmness to material carried out by Bullwinkle inventor Jay Ward and Pogo cartoonist Walt Kelly. These comic geniuses would without doubt suggest a feeling of laughter to help fight the misunderstandings between this designer with least three main and small bluesmen using the same name.

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