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Al-Haji Papa Bunka Susso

Alhaji Papa Susso is a jali from your somewhat lesser-known customs from the Gambia. Created in Sotuma-Sere, a previous bastion of musical performers, Susso discovered to try out the kora from his uncle, ultimately taking his overall performance to Sierra Leone, where he also became a textile investor. Trade and music brought him Liberia (where he also obtained a qualification in accounting), both Congos, and back again to the Gambia, where he proved helpful for ten years roughly for the federal government after marrying. In the middle 80s he branched out to the Gambian neighborhoods of NY and began an extended stretch of functionality and lecture over the USA. Since, he’s performed frequently and founded the Koreya Musa Analysis Middle in Sotuma, aswell as writing a set of books on African music. Essentially a traditionalist musically, Susso provides released several albums, the most recent getting Traditional Crossroads’ Sotuma-Sere.

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