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Akira Rabelais

An intellectual pioneer just as much as other things, Akira Rabelais issued forth music creations and innovations from his perch at CalArts. Given birth to and elevated in South Tx, one of is own childhood pastimes included shooting metallic plates with BB weapons in order that he could go through the exclusive sound it triggered. That desire for sound, coupled with a philosophical and literary bent (his preferred surreal and marvelous realist snippets of books are on his internet site, www.akirarabelais.com) helped place the road for the music creations he continues to be issuing since 1990 — he describes himself being a “composer composing software, no engineer building music.” The program that Rabelais produced reference to for the reason that estimate, or at least probably the most well-known among his innovations, was the Arge├»phontes Lyre. With features like Eviscerator Reanimator, Period Domain Mutation, Morphological Disintegration, Verwechslung Kaffeetass, as well as the Lobster Quadrille, the Lyre was an application that allowed an individual to produce a number of modifications to a bit of pre-recorded appear. This program quickly became a popular of digital music composers such as for example Terre Thaemlitz and Scanning device, who utilized it to generate disorienting sound shifts. Rabelais’ very own Compact disc, Elongated Pentagonal Pyramid (Ritornell, 1999), demonstrated the stamp from the Lyre, using its multiple levels of lightly wavering audio. Eisotrophobia implemented in springtime 2001.

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