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Akase is a cooperation between London-based tech-house maker Midland (Harry Agius) and vocalist/songwriter Robert Redway. Despite the fact that Midland is way better known for generating tracks designed for the dancefloor, his tunes created with Redway are even more restrained and moody, with psychologically susceptible lyrics complementing the complete yet not mind-boggling backing tracks. Both friends began operating collectively in 2012, but didn’t hurry to create any materials, sporadically gathering for casual brainstorm classes, and accumulating an album’s well worth of tunes by 2014. The duo authorized to !K7 in 2015, and two singles (“Murmur” and “Corrosion”) appeared for the label that season. Partially blended and co-produced by Ewan Pearson, Akase’s debut record, Graspers, found its way to early 2016.

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