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After Dinner

Shaped in 1981 with the vocalist Haco, Following Dinner embraced different varieties of music from brand-new wave to avant-garde rock and Japanese traditional music such as for example Shakuhachi. Comprising a different lineup throughout its ten-year lifetime, the music group drew music artists from different musical backgrounds for every task. The group’s initial one was “After Supper/Cymbals at Dawn,” released in 1982, and was accompanied by the full-length recording Glass Pipe in 1983. Praised by critics internationally for it’s avant-garde combination of Japanese traditional music and consumer electronics, it was just obtainable in the Western on transfer. 1984’s After Supper was the group’s recognized foreign debut. 3 years later on, the music group toured European countries for the very first time. A documenting of varied concerts from your tour, Souvenir Cassette premiered in 1988. 1989 found the discharge of Heaven of Imitation, which featured an unbelievable array of devices and was accompanied by another tour in European countries to increased recognition. However, this is the last recording of original materials released from the music group. After Supper/Live Editions (1991) combined the group’s 1st recording with five songs from Souvenir Cassette and four extra live songs. A remastered release of Heaven of Imitation including four remixed songs premiered in 2001. Haco made an appearance in the 1990 documentary film, Stage Across the Boundary, and a track of hers was presented in the soundtrack.

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