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This Norwegian duo comprises the Sámi yoikers Sara Marielle Gaup and Lawra Somby. The Sámi people comprise among the largest cultural groups in European countries but their traditional vocal music got declined in recognition during the period of the twentieth hundred years, using the yoik (or joik) design most regularly surfacing when found in mixture with additional music forms. Gaup and Somby pursued this collaborative path when they produced Adjágas in 2004. Both originated from years of yoiks and have been executing throughout their teenage years. Joined up with by additional music artists Paal Fagerheim (electric guitar), Juhani Silvola (electric guitar) and Timo Silvola (percussion), their self-titled debut record utilized pop, ambient and electronica designs to supply musical support to Gaup and Somby’s bewitching vocals. The entire effect was soothing and relatively soporific, which demonstrated apt as the music group name is normally a tough translation from the state between rest and waking.

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