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Aaron West & the Roaring Twenties

Aaron Western & the Roaring Twenties may be the initial single task from singer/songwriter Dan Campbell, who’s most widely known as the frontman for pop-punk act the sweetness Years. Seeking to improve his acoustic guitar chops and increase his lyrical design, Campbell began composing tunes on classical guitar that combined the enthusiasm and hostility of pop punk with an increase of of the Americana and origins aesthetic. The brand new music didn’t match the sweetness Years’ design and, while by no means intended for launch, Campbell experienced casually played several tunes for Early Novembers vocalist Ace Enders throughout a stint their rings’ shared around the Vans Warped Tour in 2013. Enders adored the new tunes and wanted to make them if Campbell wished to make a single recording. Campbell agreed, and since a lot of the materials was written even more from the idea of view of the semi-fictional personality, he thought we would use a imaginary moniker instead of his personal name. Following a Question Years’ tour, Campbell and Enders finished the new recording which was right now billed to Aaron Western & the Roaring Twenties. The debut was entitled We DON’T POSSESS ONE ANOTHER and premiered by Hopeless Information in July 2014.

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