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Gus Backus

Gus Backus occupies a rarefied put in place the annals of rock and roll & roll. With that said, it most likely comes as a shock to nearly every audience that Gus Backus occupies anyplace whatsoever in rock and roll & move. His chart existence in the us was minimal, …

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Rex Franklin & Noelene Frank

Rex Franklin (b. 25 Sept 1935, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand) was drawn to nation music being a youngster from hearing the recordings of Tex Morton and Pal Williams and American superstars Wilf Carter and Hank Snow, which have been released in New Zealand. After departing school, he done a remote …

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Kay Thompson

Singer, songwriter, celebrity, pianist, vocal arranger, vocal trainer, and children’s publication writer Kay Thompson had a thorough and varied profession that spanned concerts, radio, the legitimate stage, information, film, posting, nightclubs, and tv over three years in the center of the 20th hundred years. Her amazing flexibility allowed her to …

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