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Canadian staff Seekersinternational (sometimes abbreviated to SKRSINTL or simply SKRS) create a few of the most warped, dislocated dub imaginable. Recalling Adrian Sherwood’s strangest productions as well as the lo-fi visual from the Jahtari label, their paths deconstruct ’80s dancehall rhythms until they’re totally twisted and lopsided, adding even more …

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Yasmine Hamdan

Yasmine Hamdan is a pioneer in Middle Eastern pop music; she was the first choice of Cleaning soap Kills, generally cited as the initial indie/electronic work to go up to fame for the reason that area of the globe, and continued to gain a global audience being a musician, songwriter, …

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Sargasso Trio

English threesome the Sargasso Trio call their music “synth folk,” and their recognized press bio statements that this multi-instrumentalist singer/songwriters — Emily Siddall, Pete Murdoch, and Ben Winn — met while taking part in inside a 40-piece samba music group in the somewhat improbable environment of Norwich, Britain. Those three …

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