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Although their audience never extended beyond a little cult following, the Seattle indie folk band Carissa’s Wierd (yes, that’s the way they spelled it) helped pave just how for several acoustic bands partly inspired by British and American folk-rock from the ’60s and ’70s, from Joanna Newsom towards the Decemberists. …

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Dave Douglas

Dave Douglas arguably became probably the most first trumpeter/composer of his generation. Douglas’ stylistic range can be broad however unaffected; his music isn’t a pastiche, but instead a personal visual that reflects a multitude of passions. He explicitly cites such different affects as Igor Stravinsky, Stevie Question, and John Coltrane. …

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Ronald & Ruby

Ronald and Ruby, a racially mixed duo scored the Springtime of 1958 with “Lollipop.” Their genuine names had been Beverly Ross and Lee Morris. A Dark male singing using a Light female elevated eyebrows within the 50’s, also to my understanding the duo under no circumstances made an appearance on …

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