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A trio, featuring brothers Antonio and Juan Miguel Carmona and their cousin, Juan Carmona, Ketama is among the leading sets of the “fresh flamenco” motion. Since liberating their self-titled debut recording in 1985, the trio offers directed the advancement of flamenco like a world-savvy music. Furthermore to their personal albums, …

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Mariachi Mujer 2000

Mariachi music is specific a womanly touch from the 11 ladies in L.A.-centered Mariachi Mujer 2000. Directed by guitarron participant Marisa Orduno and musical movie director and violinist Laura Sobrino, the group contains six women previously using the 1st all-woman mariachi group in america, Mariachi Reyna de LA. While they …

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Orlando Poleo

b. c. 1965, Caracas, Venezuela. Poleo started playing percussion equipment in early youth and studied for some time with Julio Mendez, a locally observed instructor. As Poleo created his abilities, he took a pastime in African forms and was tutored by Miguel Urbina. He performed and often documented with many …

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