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Manhattan-raised lo-fi musician Gabrielle Smith used the name Eskimeaux, a tribute to her Tlingit heritage, in 2007 on her behalf solo output. An associate from the Epoch, a Brooklyn arts collective that’s included Florist and Told Slant, amongst others, she has often collaborated with these and various other musicians both …

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Frankie Cosmos

Daughter of stars Kevin Kline and Phoebe Cates, Greta Kline began composing tracks and exploring the individual recording picture when she was introduced to a little community of encouraging performers and scenesters in Purchase University in the first 2010s. By 2012, Kline got fallen out of university herself, concentrating on …

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Porches is a functionality alias of style-shifting (and name-shifting) indie vocalist/songwriter Aaron Maine, though sometimes Porches offers functioned being a music group. Porches began this year 2010 in the musician’s hometown of Pleasantville, NY when, after touring briefly along with his initial music group Space Ghost Cowboys (originally known as …

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