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Rob Goldstein

Developing up a middle-class white kid in LA, I idolized Michael Jackson. Age group four was specifically when I understood I wanted to accomplish something in music. Thriller was blaring from my “ghetto blaster” and I became motivated. So inspired which i marched directly into the toilet and chose I …

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Atcha Acoustic

Atcha Acoustic may be the task of guitarist/vocalist Chris Jagger (sibling of Rolling Rock Mick), multi-instrumentalist Charlie Hart, guitarist Ed Deane, bassist Paul Emile, and percussionist Malcolm Mortimore. The group sprang from Chris Jagger’s single albums, 1994’s Atcha and 1995’s Rock and roll the Zydeco; fundamentally, the same associates performed …

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Cassell Webb

Texas-born Cassell Webb provides enjoyed a profession that carried her from past due-’60s psychedelia to nation music and latter-day folk-rock to intensifying rock/pop, and relocated her across an ocean along the way. Her voice, that may audio ethereal or mournful and crosses styles as conveniently as Webb’s profession has over …

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The Chocolate Watchband

Back the mid-’80s, the Delicious chocolate Watchband were trapped within an odd paradox (that actually wasn’t that awful a place to become for a music group that didn’t exist any more). They hadn’t performed a note jointly in nearly 15 years, but their first albums had been changing hands for …

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Neil Hubbard

Guitarist Neil Hubbard was a ubiquitous name on the forefront of Uk rock and roll from your mid- to past due ’60s in to the early 21st hundred years, with credits including stints with Bluesology, Wynder K. Frog, Joe Cocker, Juicy Lucy, the Grease Music group, Pete Wingfield, Roxy Music, …

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