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Kevin Quinn

Los Angeles-based performer Kevin Quinn is a singer and acting professional known for his earnest acoustic pop. Given birth to in Chicago in 1997, Quinn started performing at a age, initially showing up in musical stage productions using the Children’s Theatre of Winnetka. Following that, he produced his professional performing …

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Leonid Hambro

Leonid Hambro led many lives from in back of the keyboard of the grand piano, crossing more than from classical to well-known music and again, with aspect trips into comedy. The virtuoso was observed for his prodigious storage, improvising genius, and love of life — which allowed him to try …

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John Nelson

The American conductor John Wilton Nelson was created the day prior to the attack on Pearl Harbor, to American missionaries surviving in Costa Rica. He was raised with considerable contact with spiritual vocal music. He’s still most highly identified along with his curiosity about, and functionality of, main choral-orchestral sacred …

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Bruce Ford

Bruce Ford is recognized as among the finest bel canto tenors of his generation and it is a luminary in the Rossini and Donizetti revival from the ’90s onward, aswell as with Mozart. He 1st examined voice at Western world State School in Canyon, TX, and afterwards at Texas Technology …

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Pretty Good Dance Moves

Chicago’s VERY GOOD Dance Moves have already been enticing visitors to move their foot using their ’80s-inspired electro-pop since 2007. Produced by Jimmy Gianopolis and Aaron Allietta, the duo discovered national interest after their debut EP was championed by music critic and tastemaker Jim DeRogatis. The EP, documented and self-released …

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