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Sophia Loren

The voluptuous Sophia Loren was being among the most successful international stars from the postwar era — not merely did she rise to fame being a sex symbol, but she also won a way of measuring critical acclaim seldom afforded the majority of her foreign-born contemporaries. Blessed Sofia Scicolone in …

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Yma Sumac

A singer with an incredible four-octave range, Yma Sumac was thought to have already been a descendant of Inca kings, an Incan princess which was among the Golden Virgins. Her offbeat stylings became a sensation of early-’50s pop music. While her record covers took benefit of her unusual outfits and …

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Anne Rogers

b. 29 July 1933, Liverpool, Lancashire, Britain. After studying episode, singing and dance, Rogers played several small roles prior to making her discovery in 1954 when she took the part of Polly in the initial West End creation of Sandy Wilson’s interesting spoof of 30s musicals, The Boy Friend (1954). …

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Of all quirky, Captain Beefheart-indebted organizations to reside in at Manchester’s Ron Johnson label, Stump weren’t only probably the most distinctive, but additionally probably the most endearing. Unlike their manic stablemates, mad-eyed Mick Lynch (vocals), Chris Salmon (acoustic guitar), Kevin Hopper (bass) and Rob McKahey (drums; ex-Microdisney) avoided an intense, …

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Micky Dolenz

Most widely known for his part as the business lead singer from the Monkees, Micky Dolenz can be famed while an acting professional and movie director. Dolenz was created in LA, California to George and Janelle Dolenz, both display people themselves. By age six, Dolenz had been doing screen checks, …

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