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Amélie-les-Crayons can be an award-winning France vocalist/songwriter and pianist especially popular on her behalf whimsical stage present where the lyrically fantastic people and tales of her music become more active with scenery, outfits, and performing. Amérest, who got the latter section of her name, Les Crayons, from French professional/vocalist André …

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Yann Tiersen

Along with his whimsical, melancholy music, Yann Tiersen has turned into a sought-after composer, not merely for his soundtrack function, however in his own right. Borrowing from French folk music, chanson, musette waltz, and road music, in addition to rock and roll, avant-garde, and traditional and minimalist affects, Tiersen’s deceptively …

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Dirty Three

Melancholy instrumental trio Filthy Three shaped in Melbourne, Australia in 1992, led by classically trained violinist Warren Ellis, who began composing and performing music for art openings and has and in addition tenured within the groups Blackeyed Susans, Paranoid, as well as the Nursing Moms. After enlisting Blackeyed Susans guitarist …

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Axe Men

Several veteran rock music artists based away of Sacramento, CA, Axe Guys made sort of cottage industry away of turning well-known rock and roll music into parody endorsements of Barack Obama during Obama’s run for the presidency in 2008, launching game titles like “Barack of Age range,” “Barack YOU PREFER …

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