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Dead Boys

The Deceased Boys were among the first punk bands to escalate the amount of violence, nihilism, and pure ugliness of punk rock and roll to extreme new levels. Although regarded as section of New York’s middle-’70s CBGB’s picture, most of its bandmembers originally hailed from Cleveland, OH. The group’s origins …

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Joslyn Layne

Joslyn Layne (pictured remaining with Large D c. 1990) somehow led us to trust that there surely is an target audience for avant-garde music. Painting a rosy and misleading picture, she rattled off a variety of labels that people weren’t covering. Obviously, later research exposed that most of the are …

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Cheetah Chrome

Though he didn’t have the ability to become wealthy and famous along the way, Cheetah Chrome was among the first guitar heroes of American punk rock and roll who helped give underground music a sorely needed activate the ass in the mid-’70s within the vital Cleveland, OH, scene, while also …

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Heavy Metal Kids

Probably one of the most spectacular, if sadly neglected, Uk bands from the mid-’70s, the ROCK Children straddled the eras of glam and punk with such effortless convenience that neither genre offers ever seemed entirely more comfortable with them. Not really for the youngsters the succession of compilations and tributes …

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