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90 Degrees South

90 Degrees South may be the pseudonym of multi-instrumentalist Kevin Fox from Cheltenham, Britain. The moniker originates from the location from the South Pole, that is bought at 90 levels below “zero levels” (the equator). Additionally it is the title of the famous British isles documentary film depicting the eventually doomed expedition by two British explorers who battled with the harshest of circumstances to become the first visitors to reach the South Pole. Most of 90 Levels South’s album game titles and compositions, actually, derive from Fox’s obsession with polar designs, hauntingly beautiful pictures of glaciers caves. Fox performs these bleak however gorgeous instrumentals by multi-tracking himself on drums, bass, electric guitar, Fender Rhodes, and different synthesizers. The name from the Hurdle Silence (released by Cheltenham’s Ochre in 1999), originates from a poem by Edward Wilson, the Antarctic explorer who perished on his come back in the South Pole; Wilson acquired reportedly lived on the hill within the same British locale where Fox’s documenting studio room was located. This record — which highlighted vocal examples that sounded like archaic radio transmissions — was critically acclaimed and favorably set alongside the result of very similar post-rock groupings, including Labradford, Calexico, and Tortoise. 2002’s Programs for Travel was a assortment of nine parts reportedly motivated by various method of record-breaking pioneering travel, whether by transoceanic air travel or by teach, car, or motorbike.

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