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7 Hurtz

Relating to Charles Neal’s Tape Hold off, seven hertz may be the frequency that’s most dangerous to human life with results including prolapse, internal organ harm, disorientation, throwing up, nausea, as well as death. Evidently, the first guy to create the audio was killed along the way. 7-Hurtz, a cooperation between UK DJs Lascelles Gordon and Ben Cowan, was motivated by this understanding. The previous was a co-founder of the united kingdom acid jazz music group COMPLETELY NEW Heavies, provides drummed for Flip flops, Beth Orton and Campag Velocet, and previously went a club evening, ‘Helter Stupid’. Cowan, in the meantime, provides previously been a dancer with modern clothes Ricochet and Bedlam and an associate from the LoWilliams Music group. Sharing their shared like of Jean Jacques Perry, John Carpenter soundtracks and electro, the duo make sparse, pulsing music that splices early 80s electro with an increase of modern deep ‘n’ dark breaks. The set’s music was intentionally conceived to circumvent the music that that they had previously developed. 7-Hurtz provides notably collaborated with Peaches and Bitch Lap Lap, adding a cover of Prince’s ‘Sexy Dancer’ towards the compilation, EASILY Was Prince. The duo’s Audiophiliac and Electroleum, had been released via Result, the label shaped by graphic developer and manufacturer/musician Trevor Jackson.

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