South London’s 67 started existence as a road gang before evolving right into a music and media brand that involved numerous people from your Brixton Hill area in London. 67 strove to break from the U.K. grime picture, instead going after a audio that had even more in keeping with Chicago drill, along the way determining themselves as leading U.K. drill performers. The primary players in the 67 family members originally included six MCs — LD (along with his iconic face mask), ASAP, Dimzy, Monkey, SJ, and Liquez — the support tracks were mainly dealt with by four primary producers, referred to as Mazza Munroe, Gotti, LA Beats, and Carns Hill. They started to gain significant attention using their breakout monitor “Live Corn” in 2014; the next season they cemented their popularity with two high-profile singles, “Skengman” and “Consider It There,” accompanied by their first acclaimed mixtape entitled In Skengs We Trust, released right before SJ ceased appearing on produces for factors that 67 refused to go over. In 2016, the staff set their places also higher. Their early one, “Let’s Lurk,” not merely highlighted Giggs but established the table because of their first charting mixtape, also entitled Let’s Lurk, which ironically positioned at amount 66 in the U.K. graphs.

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