An original Framework label-group musician with a large number of produces on Koln-based imprints such as for example DJ Ungle Fever, XXC3, Eat Organic, and Pharma, NYC-based experimental electro manufacturer Can Mouth is the guy behind a range of pseudonyms. Documenting frequently as 4E and Khan, Oral’s discography can be full of such monikers as Bizz O.D., Gizz T.V., Un Turco Loco, and Fuzz DJ. Among only a small number of Western european producers to go towards the U.S. to be able to jumpstart the dozing underground, Mouth contains NY’s Temple Information (the shop he opened up under Manhattan’s Water Sky Clothes), in addition to record brands Temple and Water Sky among his ongoing commitments. The sibling of Atmosphere Liquide’s Can Mouth, Can was (alongside artists such as for example Mike Printer ink, J. Berger, and Biochip C’s Martin Damm) a dynamic contributor to early Framework labels such as for example Blue and DJ Ungle Fever, the guts from the German acidity/techno explosion through the ’90s heyday of experimental acidity and techno. Can started saving as 4E after shifting to NY (the name was the address of his initial toned, which doubled as his studio room), and it has since released several EPs and full-lengths as both 4E and Khan, especially on Power Inc./Mille Plateaux and his very own fast-expanding Water Sky, ENTERTAINMENT, and Temple brands. Stylistically, Mouth treads closest to experimental hip-hop and electro, fusing gritty 303 chirps and simple digital atmospheres with kicking, mid-tempo breaks made of familiar drum noises and patterns. His 1996 debut for Water Sky sister label ENTERTAINMENT, Blue Note is certainly ambient electro within the vein of B12, Jonah Clear, and Autechre/Gescom, with non-e of the even more caustic resonances that described his earlier, even more dancefloor-friendly function in evidence. Mouth operates and has at the every week membership, Killer, and spent some time working on materials with observed experimental/ambient composer Tetsu Inoue. [Observe Also: Khan]

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