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2 Live Jews

Hot for the stiletto pumps of 2 Live Crew’s 1989 cultural firebomb Simply because Nasty because they Wanna End up being was the cultural joke using a defeat, 1990’s Simply because Kosher because they Wanna End up being. 2 Live Jews’ debut record highlighted the rhyming abilities of “Moisha MC” and “Easy Irving,” two aged Jewish-American guys who got ostensibly uncovered a latent penchant for rocking the mike. In most cases, these were personas developed in a studio room by Eric Lambert (Moisha) and Joe Rock (Irving), who weren’t also elderly. Featuring tracks like “Tremble Your Tuchas” and “Oy! It’s So Humid” (“I had been sweating just like a mule/I was frying just like a blintz”), Kosher was the humor rap reverse of 2 Live Crew’s Nasty. Chock-full of in-jokes and Jewish clichés, the recording was also a goof around the growing clichés of hip-hop itself — in cases like this, the chest-thumping bravado and canned bass music support beats of 2 Live Team. “Tremble Your Tuchas” discovered Moisha and Irving bragging in Yiddish slang on the synthesized cowbell defeat common to early hip-hop. While Lambert and Rock were likely wishing only for an instant pay day, As Kosher because they Wanna Become was a genius novelty record that functioned on several levels. And 2 Live Team efficiently blew their wad with “Me Therefore Horny” and Nasty, “Tremble Your Tuchas” and Kosher displayed the innovative apex of 2 Live Jews. The 1991 “Hebe-hop” reworking of Fiddler on the top, Fiddling With Custom, might have been humor rap’s 1st concept piece, nonetheless it quickly faded. The self-explanatory Disco Jews made an appearance in 1994; Xmas Jews adopted in 1998. The second option presented such hilarity as “Bagel Rock and roll” (arranged to the tune of “Jingle Bell Rock and roll”) and “Xmas Wrap.” The complete 2 Live Jews catalog ultimately became presented fodder for Dr. Demento’s late-night radio hijinks as well as the 2005 compilation The Worst type of of….

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